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Top Calgary Personal Injury Lawyers

A listing of top personal injury lawyers in Calgary

If you needed to identify and select top Calgary personal injury lawyers, how would you go about it? Most Calgary personal injury lawyers would tell you recommendations from trusted family members, friends and advisers are a good start. Members of the treating health care or social work team are also probably familiar with local Calgary car accident and personal injury lawyers. Another great way is through the use of selective online lawyer directories such as

The sad reality is, after a serious accident or injury; you may never be whole again. Even with the most advanced and aggressive medical treatment and rehabilitation an accident victim may face a lifetime of disability, pain and suffering.

The bottom line in selecting a top Calgary personal injury lawyer is often; well – The bottom line. You need an experienced Calgary personal injury lawyer that is capable of protecting your rights and recovering appropriate compensation for your loss, expenses, pain and suffering.

In every field of endeavor, there are those who rise to the very top of their profession.

Those are the top Calgary personal injury lawyers listed below. They have a wealth of experience and expertise and have successfully argued hundreds, if not thousands, of cases just like yours and are waiting to hear from you.

Calgary Personal Injury Lawyers Name of Law Firm Year Called to Bar
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