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Are you a top Calgary lawyer?

Are you an experienced Calgary lawyer?

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Are You a Top Calgary Lawyer?

Then you should have a listing at!

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With over 15 years of experience serving the legal community, we are uniquely qualified to help drive clients to you and traffic to your site through a listing on

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Top of Mind, Sidebar Display Ads


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No other medium can offer you the reach, flexibility and affordability that the Internet provides. We are aggressively priced in relation to our competitors and offer considerable value and experience to you in growing your practice.

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You get:

  • Personalized profile complete with colour photo
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Listing in any given section is done in a “First to subscribe” order. Act today to secure the highest listing possible.

Not everyone called to the Bar will qualify for a listing on Minimum professional designations and experience must be met, which include at least one of the following:

  • Awarded the recognition of “Queen’s Counsel” (Q.C. Designation)
  • Recognized by your Bar Association or Law Society as a “Certified Specialist”
  • Partner in a law firm and in good standing with the legal governing body of your province
  • Have practiced in your preferred area of law for a minimum of ten years.

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Keep your firm “Top of mind” by purchasing a sidebar ad for a low monthly fee.

These spots are awarded on a “First come – First serve” basis and our limited to only six spots sight wide! Sidebar ads start at $50/month (bottom row) and increase by $50 increments per row. (50/100/150 per month). Ads are custom designed to your specifications by our professional graphics people. Minimum 1 year term required. Included with all sidebar ads – Up to five lawyer biographies.

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